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Reach OUT Consulting offers a range of services with the goal being minimizing microaggressions, normalizing diversity of client and patient populations, and fostering inclusion.


Reach OUT Consulting ensures your company is sensitive to customer and employee needs.  These include reviews of customer- and patient-facing content and materials, recommendations for document revisions, review of policies and procedures, and examination of physical space with an eye for LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion.  Please contact Reach OUT for more information.
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Reach OUT Consulting provides trainings and workshops for all levels of employees.  Whether for administrators, HR departments, direct care providers, or patient-facing teams, Reach OUT ensures LGBTQ+ cultural literacy for your company.  Topics range from an Introduction to the LGBTQ+ Community, to the Transgender Experience, and Supporting the Coming Out process.  Please contact Reach OUT to discuss your needs.
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Ongoing Support

Reach OUT Consulting offers ongoing support to maintain diversity and inclusion goals going forward.
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Our Work

Reach OUT Consulting has provided dozens of trainings, equaling hundreds of hours, to healthcare companies, school districts, church leaders, therapists, and others.  Topics have included the history of the LGBTQ+ community, supporting the coming out process, how to make an organization LGBTQ+ friendly, among others.
Many companies are desiring to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, but do not yet have the tools and resources needed.  Reach OUT provides a template for businesses and corporations to follow to make both their companies and their products valuable to the LGBTQ+ Community.
Don't know where to start? Check out our Diversity in the Workplace 101 presentation. Email us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you!
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