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Working together to create safe spaces

Our mission is to normalize the diversity of clients and patients population and foster inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

About Us

Reach OUT Consulting began as a passion project after a conversation with LGBTQ+ allies.  We realized that many companies want to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, but do not yet have the tools and resources needed.  Reach OUT provides the resources businesses and corporations need to make both their companies and their products valuable to the LGBTQ+ Community.


Reach OUT Consulting offers a range of services with the goal being minimizing microaggressions, normalizing diversity of client and patient populations, and fostering inclusion.


Reach OUT Consulting ensures your company is sensitive to customer and employee needs.


Ongoing Support

Reach OUT Consulting provides trainings and workshops for all levels of employees.

Reach OUT Consulting offers ongoing support to maintain diversity and inclusion goals going forward. 


“To say that working with ReachOUT LGBT was a success is an understatement.  The training was informational and serious – and yet engaging and funny and created an environment of openness and security all at the same time.(…) Our team has echoed that – as still, months later, they express gratitude for having been included.  It’s not every day that a complex and sensitive subject matter is laid bare for questions, clarifications, and opinions from all-comers – but Summer’s approach (and approachability) made it a truly poignant learning experience for all involved (my LGBTQ-identified-self included!).” 

—  Casey Cormier, Owner, STRATIS Group

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